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Daily Talker: Hospitals Moving Away From Nurseries For Newborns

It's a big change for maternity wards. Gone are the days when you could peer through the window and see babies lined up in the nursery. Dr. Mallika Marshall found many hospitals are moving away from nurseries and instead are having babies "room-in." That means the newborn stays in the room with the mother at all times. All check-ups and baths are done right there. "Rooming in" is supposed to help create the special bond between a mother and her child. But, some mothers say they need time to recover after the birth and want the option of sending the baby to the nursery. They say their bodies need to rest and they want to catch up on sleep. A midwife for Massachusetts General Hospital told Dr. Mallika Marshall that mothers have that option, but research shows mothers get more sleep when the baby is in the room. What do you think? Is it better for a newborn to stay with its mother? Or should mothers be given some time to rest and sleep?

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