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Daily Talker: Defamation Lawsuit Threat Over Yelp Review

A man from New York City is being threatened with a lawsuit over a review he posted on Yelp.

Matthew Brand went to Ron Gordon Watch Repair in Manhattan after reading Yelp's online reviews. When he wasn't thrilled with the service, he posted his own review in April of 2013.

He gave the company two stars, claiming that the staff could not repair his antique pocket watch without sending it to the manufacturer. Brand also wrote that a competing store was able to make the repairs on-site.

Last week, Brand received a letter from the store's lawyer, asking him to take down the review or face a defamation lawsuit. Gordon said he called his lawyer because he believed what was in the review was not true.

"What Mr Brand did write was defamatory, and it is ground for a suit, because my implication, the statements would make Mr. Gordon appear incopetent as a businessman, which is hardly the case," said attorney Andrew Spinnell. "The man's been in business for 33 years and repairs high-end watches successfully. If you look in Yelp, he has many 5-star reviews."

What's your reaction to the lawsuit? Would you pull down a review you wrote if you got a letter from a lawyer? Is the store owner right in trying to protect his business? Share your comments below, and watch for them on WBZ News in the Morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.

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