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Dad Banned From School After Showing Gun License In Spat With Principal

ARLINGTON (CBS) – The parent of an Arlington elementary school student has been ordered to stay away from school for the rest of the school year after officials say he threatened the principal by showing his gun license.

The father, Robert Goodwin, 41, says he is in no way a danger or threat to anyone and claims he is being treated unfairly by the school. But as a precaution, Arlington police said that to play it safe, they revoked Goodwin's firearms license and removed his hunting rifle from his home.

"I'm sad because I think we have to transfer out of the school. He's going to be bummed he doesn't get to hang out with all of his friends," Goodwin said of the situation's effect on his son.

The controversy stems from a heated private discussion Goodwin has at the school with Michael Hanna, principal at the Stratton Elementary School.

Goodwin said the argument was over a picture his son drew at school that the principal found to be very inappropriate.

"During that discussion I compared my legally owned license to carry firearms with the picture that my son drew," Goodwin said.

School officials said that when Goodwin became agitated and removed his gun license from his wallet, the school sent a letter home to parents from Superintendent Kathleen Bodie that states:

"This argument certainly went above and beyond the scope of a normal disagreement, and therefore the policies and procedures that Arlington Public Schools have in place were immediately activated to make sure that students, faculty, and staff remained safe."

Goodwin said that he is a rapper by trade. He can be seen in one Youtube video wielding knives while rapping.

Goodwin has not been charged with anything but he's not allowed on school property other than to drop off and pick up his son.

He said his 10-year-old son understands what is happening but the most important thing for him is making sure his son knows he did nothing wrong.

"He didn't start this," Goodwin said.


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