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Plymouth DA Warns Police 'Dangerous' Suspect Is Out On Bail

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A man accused of impersonating a Homeland Security agent and stockpiling firearms and explosives is out on bail, but the Plymouth County District Attorney says he isn't following orders.

District Attorney Timothy Cruz put the word out to the 27 police chiefs in his county that Christopher Barlow is out on bail.

"Let me be clear again, Barlow has made no direct threats to public safety," Cruz said Wednesday.

Christopher Barlow
Christopher Barlow accused of impersonating federal agent (WBZ-TV)

The Duxbury man was indicted in October on charges of possessing illegal firearms, receiving stolen property and impersonating a Homeland Security official in June of last year.

"When you look at the totality of the circumstances here, this is a dangerous situation it remains to be a dangerous situation," Cruz said.

Barlow was being held up until his release on February 16th after a judge denied the DA's request he be held for dangerousness.

Weapons and evidence seized by police from Christopher Barlow. (Photo Courtesy: Duxbury Police)

He was given a GPS tracker and told not to leave a family member's home in Kingston.

"Yesterday afternoon our office was notified for the first time that Barlow had repeatedly been violating conditions of his pretrial release including leaving his residence, visiting shopping centers and at least one school in the Plymouth area," Cruz said.

Cruz once again requested this week Barlow's bail be revoked and he be held. That too was denied which is why he says all police in Plymouth County were alerted.

"Because of the fact that we are living in challenging times I feel that the people in charge of protecting our communities the chiefs their dedicated officers they should know about these cases," Cruz said.

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