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DA: No Charges To Be Filed In Lunenburg Graffiti Case

LUNENBURG (CBS) - No charges will be filed after racist graffiti was found on a Lunenburg home last year.

In November, the family of a high school football player claimed they were the victim of a hate crime after the graffiti was found on the foundation of their home. The incident prompted the school to cancel the Thanksgiving football game.

The investigation initially focused on the team, but police revealed that they found spray paint cans at the home, and even called the victim's mother, Andrea Brazier, a "strong suspect" in the case.

Les Szabady's son, Danny, is one of the senior captains of this year's Lunenburg football team. He's sad his son didn't get the chance to play in the final game of his high school career. "I don't know what else they needed," Szabady said. "There were search warrants, there was everything."

Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early said Wednesday that there is not enough evidence to file charges. The Lunenburg Police Chief tells WBZ-TV that federal charges could be filed.

"I said it before and I'll say it again, the people that are responsible for this are cowards," Szabady said. "You know, to do something like this and blame it on kids and just sit back and watch? You're a coward. And the law will eventually catch up to you."

Tom Johnson's son Ryan is a junior on the Lunenburg football team. "They know who did it, just get it done with. But they say they don't have enough evidence, so we'll see," Johnson said. "To have the boys labelled, slandered, it was bad."

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