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Keller @ Large: Curt Schilling Is Clueless About Politics

BOSTON (CBS) - Here's the good news about Curt Schilling.

He is one of the all-time great Red Sox, justly admired for his gutsy performance in the famous bloody sock game in 2004. And he was an excellent analyst on Sunday Night Baseball until his online behavior got him canned by ESPN.

Now, the bad news: often when I hear him discuss politics I realize he doesn't have the slightest idea what he's talking about.

Curt is publicly flirting with the idea of running against Elizabeth Warren when she's up for re-election to the Senate in two years. And according to the Boston Herald, he offered this explanation the other day in a radio interview: "I like the thought of being in a position to sit down with constituents and take their concerns to Washington. My word carries meaning with my family and friends, and I think that there are few politicians that we feel that way about and I think that's a crime."

First of all, listening to Schilling constantly repeat false charges and internet rumors and savage those who disagree with him doesn't offer much confidence that he'll be sensitive to all constituent concerns.

Secondly, he might want to double-check how much meaning his word carries; his wife told the Herald that he often does stuff that affects his family without checking with them first.

And finally, Schilling is way off base claiming "few" pols are as good as their word. In fact, most are honorable people, doing their best to navigate a difficult business.

As a ballplayer, Curt belongs in the Hall of Fame.

As a truth-teller, maybe the Hall of Shame is more like it.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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