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World's Only Curious George Store In Harvard Square Could Soon Be Replaced

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – The end may be near for the world's only "Curious George" store in Harvard Square.

Boston developer Equity One has plans to build a three-story mall in the area and says it needs the space occupied by the one-of-a-kind bookstore. If approved, the store would become a lobby, elevator and stairway.

Not everyone agrees with the plan.

"All the landmark stores in Harvard square are going away. It's terrible," one shopper told WBZ-TV. "I hope this place stays in business."

Inside the Curious George store (WBZ)

The Curious George store is not the only notable Harvard Square retailer with an uncertain future. The city of Cambridge wants to renovate the plaza in the middle of the square, which could mean the end of the iconic Out of Town News kiosk.

"Harvard Square is very popular, it's become very expensive and more attractive to chains over the years," a passerby said. "I can't say it's surprising, it's kind of sad."

Equity One will present its plan to the Cambridge Historical Commission On Thursday.


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