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Curious About The Oldest Farms In Massachusetts

SALISBURY (CBS) - It's that time of year: roadside farm stands with fresh fruits and veggies are dotting our roadsides.

That made Beth in Sudbury Declared her Curiosity:

"How many farms have been around a 100 years or more?

According to the Mass. Farm Bureau, there's more than 100.

WBZ-TV's David Wade brings us to one which has been in the family longer than maybe every other farm in the country:

Bartlett Farm in Salisbury isn't just a working farm. Family members, including Jim, Donna, and Rob, are working really hard together to do, among other things, make hay, feed the cows, and run the saw mill.

They're so busy laying down new roots, there's no time to research their own roots. They believe they are the oldest family farm in the Bay State, but they aren't quite sure.

"Not quite sure. Maybe someone will pop forward after hearing this to claim it," said Donna.

At their farm stand, a sign says the farm was established in 1659, but now they think it's probably 15-20 years older.

The Bartlett family settled in Salisbury in 1639, the same year the printing press came to America. A few years after that, the Bartlett's decided they were going to start a farm.

About 370 years or so later, the Bartlett's are still producing the produce. The family goes back 11 generations.

"After 11 generations, there is a little bit of pressure to see it continue," said Donna.

The farm is thriving. The family sells veggies, firewood, and hay to horse farms. They even specially cut wood for some special boats.

"The Tea Party boat in Boston is being rebuilt," said Rob. "We've provided a lot of the frame for that."

It's a working farm that keeps on working.

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