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Curious About Radiation & Japanese Products

All the events that happened over in Japan were very sad.  My thought is regarding all the cars and car parts and other items we import from Japan. Will all of these things bring radiation to the US? Is there a cleaning/clearing process? - Diane, Weymouth

The Japanese nuclear disaster is now being rated as almost as bad as Chernobyl, the worst nuclear meltdown in history, so Diane's question makes good sense.

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We found that when Japanese made car parts (or other products) are shipped to the U.S. they will be screened before they come into the country.  The detectors that Homeland Security use to check for bombs are now being used to check for nuclear radiation from the Fukushima plant.  So far, nothing has been found.  But every piece of cargo from Japan is being checked, even if it was nowhere near the plant.

The FDA is doing something similar with food.

Do you think this will be effective?

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