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Driver Survives After Car Pushed By Truck In Frightening Video

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) - Natividad Rivera of Framingham is counting her blessings.

She was driving her new red Toyota Corolla near Route 30 Friday morning when it was hit and pushed by a truck.

The crash was caught on video.

"I thank God we are fine and we are here because the truck was pushing the car," Rivera told WBZ-TV Sunday.

This is not a case of road rage.

Natividad Rivera
Natividad Rivera's Corolla damaged by 18-wheeler (WBZ-TV)

Rivera says she and her sister were on their way to Worcester. She was in the far right hand land at a stop light and wanted to make a left turn. She thought she could beat the truck when the light turned green but she misjudged the space.

"A few seconds after I said 'uh oh' and my sister screamed. That's when we realize we were being pushed in," Rivera said.

The truck driver told police he didn't realize he was pushing the car until moments later then he immediately stopped.

"My mind went blank. I'm thinking I am going to die, I am going to die," Rivera said.

Natividad Rivera
Natividad Rivera (WBZ-TV)

No charges or citations were filed and no one was injured.

"The truck driver told me he was sorry and that he didn't see me. An accident is an accident," Rivera said.

Lenny Chroek captured the accident on his cell phone.

"Seeing it in person was crazy and posting it was for people to see how dangerous it is to cut off trucks like this," Chroek said.

Rivera's car sustained side damage but she's still able to drive it.

She bought the car as a gift to herself two weeks ago. She plans to retire from her job in June.

"What can you do? The cop told me thank God I am okay. The car is fixable," Rivera said, adding that she won't make this same mistake twice.

"It will never happen again because I will never jump over lanes again. Big lesson learned," she said.

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