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'It's Looking Better': Experts Say COVID Transitioning To Endemic

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston is just days away from a COVID-19 milestone. On Saturday, people won't be required to mask up indoors at most establishments.

"It's absolutely safe to loosen the restrictions," said Dr. Robert Klugman of UMass Memorial Medical Center.

At least two local epidemiologists say we're transitioning from pandemic to endemic, where cases continue, but enough people gain immune protection that there are far fewer hospitalizations and death.

"We just have to start thinking about how do we manage this into our own day-to-day decisions of risks?" said Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vazquez of Tufts Medical Center.

Face masks aren't a thing of the past yet, especially for students. Masks are still required on public transportation and in most medical buildings.

Dr. Klugman said it is unlikely there will be another surge.

"If everybody rips their mask off and goes 'whoopee' and goes around and gets very close to people, we could see another little blip, but it won't be a major surge like we had," Klugman said.

"At this moment in time, thankfully for the springtime, it's looking better, much better," Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vazquez said.

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