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Holiday Travelers Keep COVID Safety In Mind While Heading To Logan Airport

BOSTON (CBS) -- With less than a week to go before Christmas, many folks at Logan Airport on Sunday were getting a head start to their holiday destination.

Cullen and Kayle Mace are on their way to Indiana after careful thought about getting on a plane during the pandemic. "We talked to a lot of our family members in the medical field and felt as long as we follow all the safety rules set by airlines and CDC, we figured we would be safe," Kayle said.

"I think we took the proper precautions. We quarantined, we got tested, and we got picked up directly by the people we're going to spend the rest of the holidays with," said Anna Lister.

Ellen White of Somerville is traveling to Virginia to see her family. "I've been in my apartment and doing the quarantined thing and not thrilled that I need to travel but I just don't want to be alone for the holidays. I'm still nervous but my parents are older, and I don't know how many Christmas they have left," White said.

According to AAA spokesperson Mary Maguire, three out of four Americans will stay home for this end of the year holiday period.

"In Massachusetts, we will see a million fewer people traveling for this end-of-year holiday season and 800,000 fewer people will drive in Massachusetts down 36% in 2019, so we are really seeing the impact of the pandemic on travel," Maguire said.

On Sunday, Joe Adams's car is packed with gifts. Instead of a company holiday party, he's driving across the state to make his deliveries. "Since we are not having a holiday party and get together at work, we are doing a tour of the state today and dropping off little bags of goodies for everybody," he said.

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