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4,450 Breakthrough COVID Cases, 79 Deaths Confirmed Among Fully Vaccinated Population In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) -- According to new numbers from the Massachusetts Department of Health, there are 4,450 breakthrough COVID cases and 79 deaths among the fully vaccinated population in the state.

As of July 10, only 0.1 percent of the 4,195,844 fully-vaccinated people in Massachusetts tested positive for the virus after getting the vaccine.

The number of vaccinated people includes those who have been administered both doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Among the 4,450 cases, there were 4,124 people who did not need hospitalization. There were also 247 people that were hospitalized, but did not die.

"All available data continue to support that all 3 vaccines used in the US are highly protective against severe disease and death from all known variants of COVID-19," the Department of Public Health said. "People who are unvaccinated should continue to wear masks, especially indoors. And individuals who are feeling ill, should get tested for COVID-19."

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