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COVID-19 Warning Phone Call Going Out To 4.5 Million In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) - If you have a phone in Massachusetts you will probably get a call Thursday from the state with a warning about COVID-19, as more neighboring states may be added to the high risk travel list.

The Department of Public Health is sending an automated message to 4.5 million phones across Massachusetts to remind residents about the increased risks of spreading coronavirus during the holidays.

The message is in both English and Spanish.

Residents will be reminded of the new state restrictions that started on November 6, limiting private gatherings to 10 people and to 25 outside.

"The alert will also update residents on quarantine orders for visitors from high risk states," said Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders.

"At this time the only states that are not considered high risk are Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. State travel data is released on Fridays and everyone is urged to check the website as we expect two of our neighboring states will be added to high risk states."

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