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Courtside Kicks in Boston caters to stylish sneaker lovers

"Courtside Kicks" caters to shoe lovers in Boston
"Courtside Kicks" caters to shoe lovers in Boston 02:47

BOSTON - Three friends are working to bring shoe culture to Boston.

They all share a love for classic sneakers, and cater to footwear lovers from all walks of life at Courtside Kicks in Copley Place.

"People like to be in a space that kind of looks like this and how they get treated when they walk in the doors. . . but also the sneakers that we offer, they are very exclusive," Danny Sullivan said. "You can't just go and find these anywhere."  

This is their third location and there's another on the way. From $150 to sneakers that go for $7,000, fitting someone with their first pair of high-end kicks is always memorable.

Danny Sullivan of Courtside Kicks CBS Boston

"Watching them find their style and watching their parents say, 'Oh I used to have that pair of Jordan's' and now their kid is going to be wearing them, it's a very special moment," Spencer Reith said.

Michael Jordan is still king when it comes to sneakers.

"The Jordan one was kind of the one that sparked, honestly, the shoe craze across all brands," Keenan Wilson said. "The style hasn't gone out of style."

Sneakers are not just for guys anymore

"The way our store is split, we have half of it catered to girls and kids and half of it catered to guys, especially with the clothing as well," Sullivan said.

And you can wear these sneakers with all outfits.

"You can wear them out to a nice dinner, you can wear them with a suit. I wore a pair of Jordan's to a wedding last year. . .  and it goes with the suit. A couple other people at the wedding were also wearing sneakers," Reith said. "I think it's been cool to see the development of shoes in that way." 

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