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'It's Magic': Separated By Pandemic, Couple Married 72 Years Has Emotional Reunion

HAMPTON, NH (CBS) - Ninety-four year old John Doyle is wheeled in the Oceanside Center in Hampton, New Hampshire to his beautiful girl - his Kay. And the couple, married 72 years, wastes no time - going right in for a careful kiss.

"It's magic, it really is. I don't know how long it's been," John said.

It had been about a year that Covid kept them apart. Still, they both got sick and survived. Sure, there were socially distant visits... but these long-awaited real ones - are never long enough.

"I don't have a roommate. You can have that bed?" Kay pleaded.

"OK, I'll check with the authorities," John joked back.

They'll be married 73 years this September. Still smitten.

"I think he's very kind and considerate. But mostly handsome," Kay said.

This longtime love story has weathered some storms. The Newburyport natives, who raised a family in Worcester, had their share of heartbreak - losing parents, siblings, friends, and even children. Their Jackie just went to Heaven in December.

"They say she was special needs, but I say she was just special," John said, of his daughter.

But in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, John and Kay have been right here. Together. Her hand on his knee.

"Just love each other," she said.

"The secret is good luck... We were lucky," he added.

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