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Zoom Boom: Cosmetic Procedures Skyrocket During Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) - Zoom meetings often mean more time starting at a screen, and in turn, more time staring at ourselves.

"We hear pretty frequently, "man I see myself in the Zoom meeting, I'm looking at myself in the camera when I'm interacting with coworkers and friends, family. They didn't realize how much thinning they actually had," said Matthew Lopresti, Chief Surgeon at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates. He says business quickly picked up in spring 2020 as more people started working from home.

"The interest that we've had in our practice pre-COVID to where we stand now today has actually doubled since that time," said Lopresti.

Fiona Tennant is the owner of Nurse Fiona Medical Spa in Framingham. She told WBZ-TV over the last year she's seen an increase in new patients.

"If I would've allowed it, I would've had a line down Route 9 and so we're booking 3-4 months out," said Tennant. She says many of her patients have cited Zoom as the reason they're there.

"They are really seeking out more of the dermal fillers to create less shadowing. Under eyes, cheeks, jawline are like the biggest thing," said Tennant.

One of the reasons for the increase in interest: more flexibility in work schedules, and the ability for more down time that is sometimes required for cosmetic surgeries.

"Are their friends, family, coworkers, are they going to know they had something done? Now that people are more or less at home and doing Zoom meetings it's not that apparent," said Lopresti.

"I've been joking around and saying that I need to send Zoom a thank you card," said Tennant.

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