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Visiting Nurses Help Patients Recover From Coronavirus At Home

BOSTON (CBS) - Tom Boyle spent six days in the hospital being treated for COVID-19. "When it hit that shortness of breath I was scared," Boyle said.

The 74-year-old is grateful to now be recovering in the comfort of his own home in Melrose. "When I got home it wasn't like when I left I wasn't scared," he said.

Boyle says he's about 85% better and credits some of his success to his visiting nurse. "My life is here you know John brought down pictures from upstairs," Boyle said. "I had pictures over here to look at."

WBZ spoke with Boyle's nurse John Hayes of Visiting Nurse and Community Care as he prepared to visit a patient Monday.

"Tom did a lot of the work," Hayes said.

Nine of his patients are recovering from coronavirus.

"Seeing these people, helping them get better is very rewarding, they're more comfortable in their homes and being able to sleep at night," Hayes said.

Visiting Nurse and Community Care is Arlington was able to get some protective gear, but say they'll need a lot more as their number of COVID-19 patients increases.

"It's a day to day process. Each case is reviewed and the care of plan is very carefully thought out," said Kim Arouth of Visiting Nurse and Community Care.

Boyle's happy he's been able see his grandkids and neighbors from a distance something he wouldn't be able to do while at a hospital.

It's helping to put the isolation of COVID-19 behind him.

"If they can get a 74-year-old up and running again I think that's a good thing," said Boyle.

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