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Gov. Baker Announces New Coronavirus Health Resource For Residents

BOSTON (CBS) -- Massachusetts residents will now have an additional resource for reliable coronavirus information. The Bouy Health online health assistance tool is aimed at helping "residents receive medical guidance from the safety of their home," Baker said while announcing the initiative Friday.

"It's a tool that's been collecting data and providing guidance to people for many, many months and everyone can use it to get much more information about their health, which as we know, everyone is thinking about these days," said Baker. It cannot be used in place of emergency medical. care.

Users can go through a risk assessment interview where they will answer questions about their health.

"When a user screens positive for COVID-19 symptoms or risk factors they will be directed to the most appropriate resources based on their answers. If a user indicates they are experiencing symptoms or risk factors that are closely associated with those of COVID-19 they will be directed to other resources, those resources include a portal linked up with their health insurance provider to talk over the phone or through video chat with a health care provider right away," Baker explained.

The governor reminded residents to use telehealth whenever possible, before walking into a hospital or doctor's office with COVID-19 symptoms, potentially exposing others. "Telehealth not only keeps patients safe, but it keeps providers safe too," he said.

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