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Medford Students Bringing Community Together While Separated During Coronavirus

MEDFORD (CBS) – Social distancing isn't stopping one group of students from bringing their community together.

Students K-12 are banding together to come up with creative ideas.

"I'm doing a music project called the Medford porch jam and I played Imagine by John Lennon," Colin Bailey, a junior at Medford High School, said.

From a jam session to various challenges, these students are thinking outside of the box to connect people during a time it is easy to feel isolated.

"We are working on a TikTok challenge with all of the grades at our school because a lot of the people are kind of down that we are not in school anymore and it's kind of the fun part of the year," senior Mallika Limose, explained.

The students from Medford's Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility (CCSR) program are trying to shift the focus from everything that's canceled to what we can all still do together.

"I think in these times of need community is something that's very important," junior Kathleen Campbell, added.

When they aren't getting people moving, singing, Zooming or tapping into their more artistic talents, the students are writing out thank you cards addressed to those on the front lines.

"We wrote a letter just like to thank them and express our gratitude for how thankful we are for what they've been doing and the letter would show them every day and appreciate what they do," Ebyan Abshir said.

It's true teaching moment for the entire community, a lesson proving that we can all help make the world a better place, no matter how old or where we are.

"These projects that the students are doing are doing just that and you can make an impact from home," Michael Skorker, CCSR Coordinator, explained.

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