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Coronavirus Brings Retired Nurse Back To Work At VA Hospital In West Roxbury

BOSTON (CBS) -- There's a lot we still don't know about coronavirus but if we've learned anything from it, it is how dedicated and valuable our nurses are.

Denise Dulude was a nurse for 37 years at the V.A. Hospital in West Roxbury and Brockton. She finally retired in January.

But COVID-19 brought her out of retirement.

"They called, they asked me, and I'm like 'absolutely.' They need nurses."

So 60-year-old Denise went back to work at the V.A. hospital in West Roxbury along with two other retired nurses.

"I couldn't say no. They asked. The call went out. They asked. I just had to come," she said.

Judy Pare from the Massachusetts Nurses Association said, "I think nurses in many ways are born to care. I think [Denise] is an amazing woman."

Denise told WBZ-TV she is taking all the necessary precautions, especially considering there are cases of coronavirus in the hospital.

When this is all over, will she retire again? "We'll see. If they need me for something else, you never know," Denise said laughing.

Maybe after 37 years of helping people, Denise and other nurses just can't stop helping others.

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