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Coronavirus Crisis: How To Keep Relationships Healthy

BOSTON (CBS) - While many parts of life feel paused right now, our relationships don't stop. A local coach is finding her expertise in high demand.

"How often do we have this time in our lives where we are just home and not racing in a million different directions? Most of us are always on the go. This really does provide this opportunity for individuals and for couples," said relationship coach Susan Trotter, Ph.D.

Looking for love? Trotter says all this social distancing may be on your side.

"I think the situation allows people who are dating to go back to some old fashioned courtship rituals, and really get to know each other in a different way before they meet that can actually set themselves up to be even more successful," she said.

For those couples who were already looking to part ways, help making that separation smooth is more important than ever.

"Emotions tend to be high during this time of stress, and so learning how to manage all the emotions you're having and getting the support you need is even more critical," Trotter said.

And partners perhaps juggling working from home, kids, and keeping it all afloat, ask for what you need, and assume the other is doing their best.

"Go on walking dates. Cook dinner together. Sit down and watch a movie together and also really talk. Whether you've been together one year or 50 years, it's still important to prioritize the relationship and put the effort into it."

Interested in more advice and recommendations in navigating this uncertain time? You can find new webinars on some of these topics at Trotter's Facebook page.

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