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Quarantine Karaoke Connects People During Coronavirus Crisis

BOSTON (CBS) - A Facebook page has put hidden talents on display during the coronavirus crisis. What started as a simple idea now has hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

It started organically, just a dad in his pajamas trying to pass the time.

"On a whim, I just put a status that said, 'quarantine karaoke.' And the next day it just kind of hit me," Joe Meyers said.

And in less than three weeks, the Quarantine Karaoke Facebook group exploded with more than a half a million followers.

Why? creator Joe Meyers says it has healing properties like no other.

"When I am playing the piano and singing it feels like time is suspended," Meyers said.

Lisa Fantini
Lisa Fantini sings and plays guitar for a 'Quarantine Karaoke' Facebook group (WBZ-TV)

That's why Winchester resident Lisa Fantini is now using it to share her shy talent.

"I stumbled upon this video of just this guy playing guitar in his room and it was such an intimate moment and it calmed me down so much and it felt like he was there with me," said Fantini.

It has skyrocketed her from electrical engineer to singer/songwriter/therapist.

"This one lady said it helped her three year old son go to sleep," Fantini said.

She even croons an original song about the coronavirus. It's a medium which has the power to connect us, even as we isolate.


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