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Recent College Grads Search For Jobs Amid Pandemic, Start Virtually

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) -- Getting a new job -- or your first job -- during the coronavirus pandemic feels different than it has in the past. Barren parking lots and empty office buildings are reminders that many companies still have their employees working remotely.

"I went in my first day to get my computer and supplies. After that I've been home ever since," said Andre Adkins of Framingham. He graduated Bentley University last year and landed a job a Staples Headquarters in Framingham.

It's been eight months and he has yet to meet most of his co-workers in person.

"I've been fortunate enough by my coworkers willing to help out and understand that I started virtually. I haven't had those coffee chats and breaks room chats where you get to know people better," said Adkins.

Michael Chamberlain is a senior at Stonehill College. He's been applying for jobs remotely for months.

"I've not set foot into a physical office to interview since the beginning of COVID. The job search itself has been extremely difficult. Job are saturated with applicants. It's been a different process interviewing over zoom and phone. It's a lot different expressing yourself and picking up on cues," Chamberlain said.

Peter Kulturides is Founder and CEO of The Career Management Platform. "The interview process isn't face to face anymore. It's this. It's in zoom," said Kulturides.

The Career Management Platform is a one stop shopping portal that allows professional from the college level to executive level to network, interview and land careers.

Kulturides has been working with hundreds of students like Chamberlain navigate through the pandemic.

"It's not wear a snazzy tie, it's just not. What it comes down to confidence, delivery, knowing what your skill set is and knowing what your passion is and really, doing all of the research to get there," he said.

Meanwhile seniors about graduate are excited about entering the workforce either virtually or in person.

"I will be so satisfied when I finally am able to sit back and accept an opportunity," said Chamberlain.

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