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Boch Hosts Blood Drive At Ferrari Dealership Amid Coronavirus Crisis

NORWOOD (CBS) -- There was a big turnout Tuesday in Norwood for a life-saving act: donating much-needed blood. An emergency call has gone out for people to give blood because of the impact of the coronavirus.

It wasn't the typical setting for a blood drive. The location was Ferrari of New England, with Ernie Boch, Jr. telling people to come on down.

"I would like to encourage everyone who can give blood, to give blood," said Boch, owns the Ferrari dealership on the normally busy Automile.

A blood drive was held at Ferrari of New England in Norwood Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

Amidst some of the highest of high-end cars, donors answered the call.

"Medical professionals are here, they make it easy, they make it quick, they make it safe," according to Boch.

The spread of COVID-19 meant a drop in blood donations as people hunkered down, but the need for blood never stops.

"There's a huge need. A lot of our drives have been canceled. We definitely need to collect blood still. People need it every day," said Heather Lanigan of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

At least on Tuesday, donors took that message to heart. After the blood drive was announced, it was fully booked in about an hour.

The Red Cross said healthy people can still safely donate blood, even with social distancing restrictions in place. "We are very sanitary. We wipe everything down with sanitizing wipes after every donor, all the equipment, the beds, the computers, the donors are asked to wear gloves, use hand sanitizers constantly. So there really isn't anything to worry about here," Lanigan said. They also use sterile collection equipment and do a health assessment of each donor.

"We'd love to see you down here, and definitely your blood will be going somewhere where it's absolutely needed," Lanigan said.

The American Red Cross of Massachusetts is organizing more opportunities to donate blood. Go to their website, enter your zip code and you'll see opportunities near you.

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