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Music Therapist Helps Heal Elderly Worcester Coronavirus Patients With Singing

WORCESTER (CBS) -- Singer Cara Brindisi visited Fallon Health's Summit Eldercare in Worcester Friday. She used her skills as a music therapist to bring healing to the patients there.

"The whole goal as a music therapist right now is to bring a bit of the outside world and an experience for them from the outside in," Brindisi said.

The facility is usually a health center for the frail and elderly. But when coronavirus hit, it became a temporary coronavirus clinic.

"Music is therapy for all of us, especially when you're going through something like this," said Jennifer Maynard, of Summit Eldercare. "It's something you can all enjoy together."

Cara Brindisi at Summit Eldercare in Worcester Friday. (WBZ-TV)

Brindisi compliments the medical treatment the patients are receiving.

"It is extremely important for people to have music experiences in their hardest days as well as our most fun enjoyable days," Brindisi said.

"It's a welcome break from all the negativity surrounding the virus, and all of the hard part that everyone's been going through," said Marilyn Cleary, the daughter of one of the patients.

By necessity, Brindisi was set up outside. But the music easily wafted through the glass and brought everyone together.

It's just as important to support that generation of people who are the most vulnerable right now," Brindisi said. "To reassure them that we're here and we're helping."

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