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Maynard Gaming Lounge Makes Masks For Health Care Workers With 3D Printer

MAYNARD (CBS) -- A Maynard gaming lounge for kids is answering the call to help. Excelsior Comics and Games is using their space in downtown to create vital equipment for health care workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

"When we heard there was a call for that, we decided we had the materials. We were closed and we could do something with that," said Tiana Chase, co-owner of Excelsior Comics and Games. "Our health care workers are our first-line responders in this particular epidemic, and they need protective gear to protect us and protect everyone they care about."

After closing their doors to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the couple decided their 3D printers could help save lives.

"The face mask we're making can be used over and over again, and as the filters wear out you can replace the filter in it," Chase said.

gaming lounge
One of the masks being made with the 3D printer. (WBZ-TV)

"There are three main components to the mask," said Robert Whitcomb, co-owner of Excelsior Comics and Games.

"The first part is the cup. That's the part that's going to be making the seal with your face. You have the grid. That's actually going to be the part snaps into the cup, which is going to hold your filter in place. Then you have the cup that's going to snap right over the front, keep anything large from getting into the filter."

Each mask takes about four hours to create, and costs about $4 to make. Their first client, a local hospital, is planning to pick up around 70 masks Sunday.

Gov. Charlie Baker has expressed frustration about the shortage of personal protective equipment in the state.

Excelsior is now asking the public for help with additional materials and printers to speed up production. To help, visit their GoFundMe page.

"So we put out a call for anyone that has a printer that's not using it. That's sitting dormant," Whitcomb said.

"Whatever the case is, bring it over and I'll get it up and running. I'll get it fixed. I'll get it moving and we'll get it printing."

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