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Massachusetts Preparing To Open Field Hospitals With Coronavirus Cases Rising

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said the state is making preparations to construct field hospitals with coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on the rise.

During the peak of coronavirus in Massachusetts, there were several field hospitals in the state. Among them was one at Worcester's DCU Center, and another inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Each of the 700 patients treated at Boston Hope was COVID-19 positive. The facility also housed hundreds of the city's homeless. The 1,000-bed field hospital discharged its final two patients in June.

On Tuesday, Baker said details have not yet been finalized on where the new field hospitals would open.

"Where and when these facilities are stood up will depend, in part, on available space and where the needs are," said Baker. "These field hospitals will be fully equipped with hospital beds, life-saving equipment, and medical supplies."

The governor said the facilities will be staffed by hundreds of medical professionals who will care for patients "around the clock."

As of Tuesday, there were 618 people hospitalized for coronavirus in Massachusetts and 150 in the ICU.

Gov. Baker said since Labor Day, Covid-19 cases have tripled and hospitalizations have doubled, but those who run hospitals say they are ready for a second surge.

"We used the time to gather additional equipment, medications, supplies, develop new protocols and practices, to enhance the care for patients," said Jody White of Lowell General Hospital.

Baker hopes the state can contain the spread as much as possible.

"We know folks are tired of this. Covid fatigue is probably a new word in the Urban Dictionary. But Covid is merciless and it will continue to grow and spread whenever it's given the opportunity," Baker said.

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