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Coronavirus Hot Spot: Baker Explains Why Massachusetts Has So Many Cases

BOSTON (CBS) -- Massachusetts is far from the most populous state - so why does it have the third-most reported coronavirus cases in the nation? Gov. Charlie Baker explained in a news conference Wednesday why the Commonwealth has emerged as a "hot spot" in the United States.

The first contributor is the relatively high volume of testing taking place here. Massachusetts has tested more than 175,000 people, identifying over 41,000 cases.

"If you're one of the states that tests the most, you're likely to be one of the states that finds the most positive cases," Baker said.

Baker also that like New York and New Jersey, two states with a higher number of coronavirus cases, Massachusetts is a dense state.

"If you look at most of the states that have the highest number of positive cases or the highest number of hospitalizations, they tend to be states that are dense, relatively speaking, compared to others, or they have particular areas of density," Baker said.

The third issue Baker cited was Massachusetts' connection to the global economy. A Biogen conference that attracted attendees from around the world led to one of the first outbreaks in the state.

"If you think about most of the places that have had the most significant outbreaks, they're places that have tons of back and forth - used to have tons of back and forth - travel and economic activity between here and many other places around the globe," Baker said.

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