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Green Chemistry Company, Distillery Team Up To Make Hand Sanitizer

MEDFORD (CBS) - A group of local companies is working together to help people on the front lines fighting the coronavirus by making hand sanitizer. Pair a green chemistry company with a distillery, and you've got a formula that makes a difference.

They're getting the latest batch of hand sanitizer ready at Evolved By Nature, a green chemistry company in Medford that usually makes skin care products. "We realized there was a tremendous need in the community for hand sanitizer for those on the front lines," said the company's president, Rebecca Lacouture.

The company has dedicated some of its manufacturing lab to make hand sanitizer that's so crucial to so many people, from nurses and doctors to janitors and food service workers. And it's a group effort. Boston Harbor Distillery donated the alcohol, the Royal Label Company stepped up to make the labels which were designed by advertising agency Arnold Worldwide.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer created at Evolved By Nature (WBZ-TV)

So far they've made more than 150 gallons. "There was a need for all those in the community who have manufacturing capabilities to rally together to be able to bring everything together so that we could get those critical supplies out to those in need," Lacouture says.

First stop on the delivery route is Tufts Medical Center, just one of several hospitals benefiting from the collaboration. "It's going to allow our patients to get the safe care they need and also for our employees to be protected to supply that safe service," said Andrew Fleming from Tufts.

But it's not only the big medical institutions that are receiving support. Project Do Something Boston is also getting a supply to share with Boston Health Care for the Homeless. "They're the people who are out there on the front lines screening and treating our homeless friends," said Robert Morgan from Project Do Something.

The alcohol is the trickiest ingredient in the hand sanitizer formula because it needs to contain a very high alcohol content. So if any other distilleries want to get involved Evolved By Nature would love to hear from you.

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