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Lynn EMT Gets Emotional Send Off From Hospital After Beating Coronavirus

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was an emotional exit from Tufts Medical Center Tuesday for a COVID-19 survivor who's usually the one rushing patients into the hospital. Lynn EMT Todd Beaudet has made a "remarkable recovery" after 46 days of suffering.

"I can't say enough good things about the people at this facility and the care he has received. They are just the best. God bless them," said his father, Bob Beaudet.

Todd's family gathered around, grateful to know their loved one would soon return to them.

"I'm really grateful to him that all these great people have done everything they can to keep my father safe. I'm really glad he's going to be alright," said Todd Beaudet's son John. "We need him home right now. We need him home."

Todd Beaudet being escorted out of Tufts Medical Center Tuesday. (WBZ-TV)

"He's my world, he's my universe. I love him so much. I missed him for these past 46 days," said Todd Beaudet's son Christopher. "He's been fighting since the start. Now he's going to get his strength back. He's going to do so much better."

As Todd Beaudet's fellow first responders escorted him by ambulance to a rehab facility, it was those heroes on his family's mind, and in their thankful hearts.

"My message of hope for them is that they stay safe. Hug one another every day. You never know when something like this could happen to you,"  Bob Beaudet said. "It happened to us very quickly. It took the life out of us. Thankfully we are one of the lucky ones."

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