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Duxbury Man May Face Charges After Allegedly Coughing And Spitting In Kingston Stop & Shop

KINGSTON (CBS) - A 65-year-old Duxbury man may face charges after he allegedly coughed and spit in the Stop & Shop in Kingston.

Police responded to the Summer Street store Saturday afternoon after the man allegedly began to fight with staff and witnesses.

A shopper at Stop & Shop took a video of a 65-year-old man fighting with staff and witnesses who say he coughed and spit on produce at the story. (Courtesy photo)

Police said there is no reason to believe the man has coronavirus, but out of extreme caution, the man was transported to BID-Plymouth hospital for evaluation.

"The customer's actions were not in accordance with CDC guidelines, which we have been consistently encouraging all shoppers and associates to follow to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We have discarded potentially affected product and conducted a deep cleaning and sanitizing of all impacted areas. The Board of Health has inspected the store and affirmed the store is safe for shoppers. We are working in cooperation with local law enforcement on this matter," said Maria Fruci manager of External Communications and Community Relations for Stop & Shop.

Police said the man may face charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot), assault and battery and destruction of property (produce). He has also been banned from the Kingston Stop & Shop.

Shoppers said they couldn't believe what happened.

"That somebody would even think to do that, it blows my mind," said one shopper. "Right now, especially what's going on. Everybody should be coming together and be respectful of each other and try to stop the spread of this awful thing right now."

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