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Everett Mom Survives Coronavirus While Giving Birth To Twins

EVERETT (CBS) -- Lisseth Hernandez had the normal anxiety, aches and pains that come with expecting twins with a toddler at home. Things changed for the Everett woman when she started experiencing fevers and headaches. After a week, an ambulance transported her to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) where she was put on a ventilator as she battled COVID-19.

"From there, I don't remember anything until I wake up and they tell me congratulations," Hernandez said.

Three days after she was intubated, Hernandez woke up to learn that her twins had been delivered by emergency c-section.

"They put a picture in the room and I was like, 'Oh my god, I had my twins already and I didn't know,'" she said.

The virus dealt another challenge to the twins. MGH had a shortage of ventilators in the NICU because they had so many intubated adult patients. The twins were transported to the NICU at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center.

"We're always happy to take any babies, but it's not often that people reach out to us in this specific condition. So I think it was just a tremendous display of teamwork across institutions," NICU Associate Medical Director Dr. Jaclyn Boulais said.

Lisseth Hernandez meeting her newborn twins for the first time. (WBZ-TV)

With news that her babies were born, Hernandez started to gain strength.

"That made me more strong. Thinking about them, thinking about my family, and I started recovering," she said.

Fourteen days after their delivery, she met Sebastien Isael and Milagros Aurora. Milagros means miracle.

"Me as a mom, I felt their little hands, their little feet. I don't have words to explain that," Hernandez said.

The twins continue to get stronger in the NICU. Doctors estimate it will be another four to six weeks until they come home.

Hernandez credits her mother's love and faith with seeing her through. "God is good and God is always with us," she said.

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