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Thief Breaks Into Van Delivering Meals To Hospital Workers

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) - For 91 years now, Central Square Florist in Cambridge has made the world more beautiful with their flowers. Even after closing due to the Covid-19 crisis, their beautiful work continues: now supporting front line hospital workers through "Off Their Plate."

"Once they reached out to us I called my dad and he was like, 'Yes I've been looking for something we could do. So we can do good,'" Jackie Levine explained.

The fourth generation family florist is using their empty vans to deliver thousands of meals prepared by local restaurants.

Central Sq Florist van
A thief broken into a Central Square Florist van delivering meals to hospitals (WBZ-TV)

"We deliver flowers to the hospital all the time. Our drivers, we know how to get to these hospitals, which entrances to go to. We're very much equipped to do this kind of work," she said.

But before another busy day of deliveries Wednesday, they arrived to the nearby garage to discover someone had broken into one of their three vans. Shattered glass was all over the driver's seat.

"My heart totally kind of dropped. It's always bad when someone breaks in to a vehicle but it kind of hit harder now," she said.

An old cell phone - used to text and call customers - was stolen. Still, the family is finding some humor in their disappointment.

"They left the disinfectant wipes which I think are honestly worth more value right now. I can't even get my hands on those. I was shocked those were still in there!" Jackie said.

They still made all their deliveries, and the van has already been repaired. Now, back to their important work volunteering.

"Next week is going to be an even bigger week for Off Their Plate. We're always wanting to give back to the community," Jackie said. "It's how my dad was brought up, how I was brought up. Helping people is something we always take great pride in."

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