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Keller @ Large: Rep. Stephen Lynch Says Country In 'Desperate Position,' Needing New Stimulus Package

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch said the country is in a "desperate position" and he hopes the Senate will work with House members to pass a new coronavirus relief bill.

Lynch discussed the stalled negotiations with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller. In May, the House passed the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act known as the HEROES Act.

The Senate has not yet taken action on the bill.

"I think as we've seen, especially with this latest flare up of coronavirus and the latest numbers we saw this week in terms of unemployment benefit applications and new claims, the country is in a desperate position and we do need to move this forward," said Lynch. "So we're waiting for a response. We've got the bill out there and we'd like the Senate to respond. If they don't like everything we've offered, give us your proposal so we can legislate, we can work this through."

Lynch said he is frustrated by the lack of action on a second stimulus bill.

"This is a pandemic. The thing that kills me is they were in a big hurry when the banks fouled up the economy and put the country in the toilet. They couldn't move fast enough to give the banks more cash," said Lynch. "Now you have people who are blameless that are out of work, desperate, being removed from their homes. But because it's not Wall Street and it's not the banks, people don't want to come to the rescue. It just tells you where the Republicans' priorities are in my opinion."

Keller @ Large: Part 2 


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