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As Workers Voice Coronavirus Concerns, Governor Charlie Baker Issues Worksite Guidelines

BOSTON (CBS) - Construction workers are some of the few people still working these days, and many in Massachusetts say they don't feel safe.

"I'm looking at the job right now, and there are two guys up on a lift within six feet of each other," said one worker who was concerned if he didn't stay anonymous, he would lose his job. He's working on a luxury high-rise project in Boston's Seaport District. "There are a lot of guys here who are very concerned. They might live with an older relative."

Construction workers say they are concerned about their safety on job sites during the coronavirus epidemic. (WBZ-TV)

Suffolk Construction said in a statement, "We have implemented increasingly strict protocols - minimizing in-person meetings and large gatherings, enforcing social distancing guidelines of six feet or more."

Even though Mayor Marty Walsh halted Boston building projects, the Seaport high-rise project the worker was concerned about is Massport's jurisdiction. On Wednesday, Governor Charlie Baker issued new worksite safety guidelines but has said construction is essential work.

"If people are going to be working on construction and job sites, they need to have access to sinks, warm water, hand sanitizer and a commitment to implementing the physical distancing and the social distancing we all talk about," Baker said.

WBZ has received many messages from construction workers concerned about their personal safety. The governor has said stopping construction "would amount to a tremendous loss."

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