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Boston Marathon Still On As BAA, City Monitor Coronavirus Updates

BOSTON (CBS) – Coronavirus concerns have forced the cancellation of several major events around the world, but the Boston Marathon is still on next month.

"Right now the marathon is on for April," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told reporters Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.

Walsh was asked how bad it would have to get in Boston to call off the race on April 20, as Paris and Rome have done because of COVID-19 worries.

"It's hard to say. I think we're looking at some of the other countries that have cancelled marathons," he said. "This is a fluid situation."

The race is 41 days away and the mayor said no deadline has been set for a decision yet.

"If there's a decision on the marathon, obviously we have to work with eight other cities and towns and we have to have conversations around that. I think you need some good lead time."

Walsh said the economic impact of the marathon in Boston is about $211 million, and it raises $36 million for charities, but the bottom line is making sure people are safe.

"We're always going to err on the side of caution," the mayor said. "I think it will be a collective conversation. It won't be any type of, I wake up tomorrow and say the marathon's over."

The Boston Athletic Association issued a statement Monday saying they're monitoring coronavirus updates and they're working closely with the city and state to ensure the race will be safe.

However, the organization said the ultimate decision may not be up to them.

"The B.A.A. will adhere to policies put forth by the federal, state, and local governments," the statement read.

WBZ-TV is the exclusive local broadcaster of the 2020 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20. Pre-race coverage begins at 7 a.m. followed by race coverage at 9 a.m. WBZ-TV's coverage will be streaming here on beginning at 9 a.m. The stream is limited to New England.


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