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Barriers Don't Keep People From Beach While Gov. Baker Urges Caution

REVERE (CBS) - Small barricades block the entrance to Revere Beach, and cones line the typical street parking. Still, on Friday's 80 degree Memorial Weekend Eve, the beach was packed.

"It's like a typical summer day," Revere resident Dan Bochetti said. "Lots of people out."

About half the people on the beach were in masks, and all groups appeared to keep a safe distance between them.

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That wasn't the case on all Massachusetts beaches Friday. In Scituate, groups of more than 20 people could be seen closely gathered without face masks, a sight that would've looked normal if it were any other year.

"There's a lot at stake here," Governor Baker said Friday about the potential of jeopardizing what has been a steady downward trend in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

"I'm sure over the course of the weekend there will be some places that people don't behave," he said, speaking generally. "My advice to everybody over the weekend is to respect the virus."

Baker asked people to continue social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing constantly. "Don't let a few nice days step on [the progress we've made]," he told reporters, saying he hoped people would still be mindful of the pandemic despite a warm holiday weekend.

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Back at Revere Beach, some said the time outside was the cure for their cabin fever. "People got to get out; they can't stay home forever," Dan Bochetti told WBZ as he walked the beach. "There should not have been a lockdown like there has been… Just be safe, wear your mask."

For others, the volume on the beach was concerning. Nathalie Berrao was out for a walk for only the second time in two months. "It's concerning," she said. "I think there's too many people outside who shouldn't be."

The cones blocking parking and beach entrance blockades are expected to be removed Monday when the state is allowing its beaches to reopen.


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