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Brookline Couple Designs Cooling Necklaces To Beat Summer Heat

BROOKLINE (CBS) -- A Brookline couple has come up with a fashionable way to beat the heat this summer.

Sam White is the creator of Nano-Ice cooling necklaces, a product inspired by his wife, Jessica Harder, when they were living in India.

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"I don't take heat very well," she said. "I was always complaining, it was 95 degrees and humid all the time."

During that time in Bombay, Sam was developing ways to chill milk for dairy farmers. He said he used that technology in a necklace design, filling spheres with a special liquid to make condensed ice.

Injecting a special liquid into a cooling necklace sphere. (WBZ-TV)

"It's a phase-change material that nucleates the water to a point where you're freezing each ice crystal so they kind of interlock with each other," Sam said.

If you put the necklace in the freezer overnight and wear it the next day, Sam promises it will stay cool for three hours in the heat.

"It kind of feels like you're carrying around a portable air conditioner," Jessica said.

Putting together a cooling necklace (WBZ-TV)

To help get the business off the ground, Sam launched a Kickstarter when the couple moved back to Boston.

Lea Grossman, a loyal customer, says the cooling necklace not only helps her outdoors, but in other ways.

"Hot flashes, as some of you may know, are the pits, you really don't want them," she said. "But this saves you."

Unlike a cold towel, Sam says this product won't get your clothes wet.

The cooling necklace sells for about $40 at local retailers.

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