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Continued Ways To Save From The AARP Bulletin

BOSTON (CBS) - Some of these suggestions are not practical and some are funny and some easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

#35 Not Just for Dishes:  Use about a teaspoon of liquid dish soap in your top-loading washing machine to clean your clothes.

Dee: You certainly can use liquid dish soap, but be cautious, too much will have the washer becoming a bubble machine. Definitely do not use in a front loading machine.

But in a pinch I have used it to hand wash things and found that Dawn did get a greasy stain out of my sweater after a run in with a pepperoni pizza. While traveling I often use the bar soap provided by the hotel to wash things.

Now for ways to save around the house.

#38 On the Bubble:  Use bubble wrap to insulate windows by spraying the window with water and then sticking on the bubble wrap.

Dee: Really? You won't be able to see out the window very well and what happens when you open it? Forget it.

#42 Leak Finder:  Pour a packet of grape Kool-Aid in the tank of your toilet. If the water in the toilet bowl turns purple without flushing, your toilet is slowly leaking water.

Dee: If you suspect a leak this might work. But how long does the purple Kool-Aid sit in your tank? How many flushes does it take to get rid of the Kool-Aid? Does purple Kool-Aid stain your bathroom? Do the kids think it's okay to drink?

My granddaughter had a tea party with my husband and she went into the bathroom to fill her little pot. She poured him tea and he eagerly drank it. The only place she could get water from was the toilet for she was too little to reach the sink.

He didn't think about it!

Here's the full list of 99 Great Ways to Save from the AARP Bulletin


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