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CPSC Asks For 'Self-Reflection, Not Shaming' After Viral Photo Of Baby On The Road

BOSTON (CBS) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is responding to a photo out of New Jersey showing a baby crawling across the street by herself by saying that parents should take this a reminder to evaluate their own homes.

"While your gut reaction may be to shame the caretakers we ask that you fight that impulse with all your being. If you think that kind of thing could not happen in your home, you are mistaken," tweeted the CPSC.

They then tweeted a thread listing simple household objects that could pose a danger to children.

The CPSC has a number of Safety Education guides available on their website.

"You should be shocked by that photo. It's a truly nightmarish image. But your reaction should be self-reflection, not shaming," said the CPSC.

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