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Teen assembles and delivers 'kindness kits' to children in need

Teen assembles and delivers "kindness kits" to kids in need
Teen assembles and delivers "kindness kits" to kids in need 02:50

LYNNFIELD - Connor Wright is only 13 years old but he's very special young man.

During the pandemic, when Connor was 12, he thought it was a challenging time for people who were isolated because of COVID. So he started a non-profit organization, Connor's Kindness Project.

"We just started really small. We did some COVID care baskets for kids in our community that were quarantining. We did nurses baskets," he told WBZ-TV.

Connor decided he could do more. He made kindness kits for kids in the Boston area.

"It's filled with all of these cool high quality, trendy toys and items," he said.

Connor didn't do all of this alone. He had help from his family, especially his grandmother, Sharon Marrama.

"It just grew out of an opportunity of his kindness wanting to spread a little bit further," she told WBZ.

"I really love doing it with her because we have a really special connection. I'm so thankful to be so close to her," Connor said.

So what goes in the kits? Play-Doh, slime and various toys and games to help pass the time. Connor says seeing the faces on the kids when he shows up with the kits makes it all worth it.

"When we've had the opportunity to go into some of the places and see the kids open the kits and see how happy they are to receive it," he said.

"One particular parent said it was the first time that his daughter smiled in a week. When she opened the kindness kit. So, I don't know. Everything that he's done has amazed me," Marrama said.

For more information, visit their website.

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