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Concord, NH Neighborhood Bands Together After Hate Crime

CONCORD, NH (CBS) - A New Hampshire neighborhood is banding together after a hate crime. Hundreds came out to show a family of Somali immigrants they are not alone, including Governor John Lynch.

Governor Lynch told the family, "You're part of a family and we're going to treat you like part of a family and we're going to stand right with you and be supportive of you. "

This past Sunday, the family found hate-filled graffiti on their Thompson Street home. Someone wrote in black magic marker, "We cannot exist with third world scum" and called them "primitive beasts."

"This behavior is not acceptable in New Hampshire," Lynch told the crowd, "and we should have zero tolerance for this type of hate crime."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. Similar graffiti was written on three nearby homes last September.

Still the homeowners believe this outpouring of support will help end the cycle of hate in the neighborhood.

"These people they make me happy," said one of the victims. "And I'm so happy with them. First when I saw this message I feel sad, but now I feel happy."

"This community and this show gives me a lot of courage," said another victim. "I love my neighbors. I love the community."

Police have not made any arrests in this incident or the vandalism from last year. However, Governor Lynch promised a thorough investigation and said if caught, those responsible will face serious charges.

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