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Musical Cyclist Rides Around Concord In A Headless Horseman Costume

CONCORD (CBS) - A bicyclist in Concord is turning heads with an attention grabbing costume.

"I just happened to look out the window to see the trees the other day and I saw a man riding a bicycle with no hands playing the guitar and I thought, 'That's amazing,'" said Carol MacDougall. "And then on a second look, I realized he didn't have a head."

Dressed as the headless horseman and playing the guitar, all while riding a bike, is Matthew Dunkle of Concord. And it's not easy.

"I'm pedaling, I'm going up hills, I'm going down hills, I'm exerting myself. I'm sweating profusely under this costume right now," Dunkle said.

Matthew Dunkle
Matthew Dunkle. Concord's Headless Horseman (WBZ-TV)

You may be asking yourself, "Why?" Well, Dunkle says he simply does it for fun.

"I don't get paid to do this, you know. I get home from work, I'm tired and I dust myself off and I put on the suit and I go out there and I dig into it," Dunkle said.

Dunkle recently got attention for the getup with this tweet from former WBZ reporter David Robichaud:

But he tells us he's been wearing various costumes while biking in the area since 2015.

"Sooner or later, day after day, I started adding little things to it, I would bring along a trumpet," Dunkle said.

The headless horseman costume made its first appearance around town in April, and the people WBZ talked to gave it positive reviews.

Concord resident Ken Anderson said, "I think this is really clever. One of my grandchildren saw him and just absolutely freaked out and loved it."

As you can imagine, it does at times get a little dangerous.

"I have fallen, yes. I have not had any serious falls as the headless horseman though," Dunkle said.

Dunkle plans on retiring the costume on Halloween, so get a glimpse of him while you can.

For more on Matthew Dunkle, check out his website:

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