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Commuter Rail 'packed' on second weekday of Orange Line shutdown

Commuter Rail packed on second weekday of Orange Line shutdown
Commuter Rail packed on second weekday of Orange Line shutdown 01:49

BOSTON - By most accounts the second morning commute during the Orange Line shutdown went well - but the ride was noticeably busier on the Commuter Rail.

The platform at Roslindale Village was packed Tuesday morning with people taking the train downtown. 

"Yesterday there were not as many people," one rider said. 

Among the crowd of passengers was Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, who is trying different routes to City Hall and taking notes. She tweeted that the platform was busy and all seats on her train were taken. She said her 8:30 train from Roslindale got into South Station at 8:58, and dubbed the trip "very smooth."

Other passengers agreed that the trip wasn't too bad.

"I don't know if people were too scared to come into the city," commuter Mike O'Brien said. "Once they hear the news it's not that bad, I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. But so far, pretty easy."

Tuesday was Emily Jean-Louis' first day taking the Commuter Rail instead of the Orange Line.

"The platform at Malden was definitely packed, I'm sure that's not what it typically looks like," she said. "The car I got on wasn't too crowded, everyone seemed to get a seat."

She said the biggest change for her is now walking 20 minutes from North Station to her office. She said if the commute gets worse she can work from home, but for her first day it went OK.

"If it tends to be like today and it's not pouring rain, I think I'll continue to do the Commuter Rail and then walk."

The Commuter Rail is free for riders who show a Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket in areas serviced by the Orange Line.

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