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Colts Fans Think It's A Good Idea To Fly A #DeflateThisBrady Blimp Over Lucas Oil Stadium, For Some Reason [VIDEO]

BOSTON (CBS) -- Do Colts fans even realize their team even lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game? Let alone got blown off the field? The folks in Indy continue to act as if they are somehow superior or intimidating to the Patriots, who have outscored the Colts 189-73 in their last four games including playoffs. This latest move is just bizarre and embarrassing.

According to a reader email to Barstool Sports, Colts fans plan to rent an "eco-blimp" on October 18th, the day of the Patriots - Colts game on Sunday Night Football at Lucas Oil Stadium. The blimp will carry a banner reading #DeflateThisBrady. They even made this adorable video about it, which you can watch above.

My favorite part of the email sent out to Indianapolis media is this: "AirSign invites you to join in on the fun to help fans raise money on their Go Fund Me page and send Tom Brady a message he will never forget!!" Yeah...I'm sure Brady will lose so much sleep over this, you guys.

This isn't even an idiotic idea because it could motivate Brady to play better - he doesn't need any more motivation to beat the team that's at the forefront of the quest to destroy his reputation in the offseason. It's dumb because: A) the Colts play in a dome, so Brady and anyone else on the Patriots would have to see it outside during the day; B) The Colts are the ones who helped spark the DeflateGate smear campaign in the first place - if anyone should be saying "Deflate This" it should be Patriots fans; and C) It's designed to taunt a quarterback that has obliterated their defense in recent years.

And the Colts haven't gotten any better. Through four weeks, they're 27th in the NFL in total yards allowed and tied for 24th in turnovers, and they still don't have an answer for Rob Gronkowski. Probably not for the Pats' extra-tackle running package, either.

This game has been built up around here as an almost frighteningly one-sided blowout for months, and there's no reason to believe the Patriots won't hang 40+ on the Colts yet again - hell, they might go for 60. 70?

This moronic banner idea exposes some serious delusions among Colts fans, if they really think it would do anything to rattle Brady. It's such an insane waste of time and resources it almost has to be an attempt to troll New England. How are they going to react when Brady gets his sixth touchdown pass and mopey fans are muttering about psi all the way to the exits? Maybe they can hang #DeflateThisBrady next to their "2014 AFC Finalist" banner.

And they say Patriots fans are delusional...Hey, we're not perfect. We may be flippant about opposing teams. But there's zero chance we'd ever embarrass ourselves like this. If we're going to fly a banner, it's at least going to make sense.

The very idea of the #DeflateThisBrady banner is so pitifully obtuse, it defies easy explanation. Maybe Brady and the Patriots will see it on their way to the team bus Sunday night...after they finish cleaning the blood off the Lucas Oil field.

UPDATE 1:58 PM: Colts fans on Reddit are widely condemning the idea as pathetic and cringe-worthy. So thankfully, this isn't a move that's endorsed by many Colts fans, at least not the knowledgeable or rational ones.

Matt Dolloff is a writer for and plans to fly a middle finger blimp over Indianapolis. His opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CBS or 98.5 The Sports Hub. Read more from Matt here. Follow him on Twitter @mattdolloff and email him at


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