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Collettey's Cookies Offers Gift Boxes For Front Line Workers

BOSTON (CBS) - Collette Divitto has created a thriving cookie business in Boston and we've been following her sweet success story for the past four years.

As the CEO of Collettey's Cookies, Collette is finding ways to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many business owners, she's experienced setbacks.

"I am working really hard on trying to keep orders coming in," she told WBZ-TV.

Collettey's Cookies
Collettey's Cookies has made adjustments for the coronavirus crisis. (Photo credit: Collette Divitto)

The business owner has Down syndrome and has made it her mission to create jobs for people with disabilities.

However, in recent weeks she's been forced to cancel her internship program for people with special needs. She's lost big accounts. Currently she is only able to keep two of her usual staff of 13 employees on payroll.

"I had to let 11 employees go. I feel so bad because they need money and want to work," she said.

As Collette continues to make adjustments, she's focused her efforts on sending cookies to those on the frontlines, offering an Emergency Responders gift box on her website

Collette tells us she's sent 6,000 cookies to first responders during this time, adding, "they are so happy to get all of my cookies. It makes me feel amazing. They are amazing people. I love sending them cookies. They are an inspiration."

Collettey's Cookies
Collettey's Cookies gift box for emergency responders. (Photo credit: Collette Divitto)

And why is sending cookies to frontline workers so important to her?

"Heroes. They are actually all of my heroes because they are actually protecting everyone," she said.

Hero. A perfect word to describe someone like Collette, too.

To order an emergency responders gift box, click here.

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