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Cold Weather Sweeps City As Shelters Fill And Residents Hustle To Warmer Temperatures

BOSTON (CBS)  -- This cold winter snap has people all over bundled up tight and hustling to get inside from these frigid temperatures.

"It's colder than blazes I tell you," one lady said.

Temperatures stayed in the single digits Friday. (WBZ-TV)

Seniors quickly rushed through their weekly shopping at Market Basket in Waltham and hurried back onto their buses. They say being out here is dangerous.

"It's impossible for most of us. It really is," Ferne from Waltham said.

Even with one week to go before Christmas, the Salvation Army had no choice but to cancel all outside kettle ringing.

"Today we have a lot of our bell ringers not ringing because it's so cold. We held our inside locations so they should be out in the places they're allowed to stay in. But the places that we have to stay outside we gave our bell ringers the day off," Lt. Thais Viana of the Salvation Army said.

At The Pine Street Inn in Boston all the beds are completely full. Last night 113 people had to sleep on mats and on the floor because they are out of space.

"Anyone who is homeless... don't stay outside. The risk of frostbite in this weather, all you need to do is fall sleep and you may not wake up," Pine Street Inn President Lyndia Downie said.

Glenn Moran is homeless and is very thankful to the Pine Street Inn for the shelter and warm food they provide for him.

"I smoke. If you go outside, you're lucky if you get two puffs in. I can't go out in this," Moran said.

Cold temperatures in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Another busy place on these cold days is the Action for Boston Community Development or ABCD, where 17,000 people have already signed up for fuel assistance including Johney Dixon. He needs the help.

"Fuel assistance to keep from freezing and pay for heat and electric bill. Every little bit helps," Dixon said.



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