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'Cold, Slippery' Day As Snow Falls Across Massachusetts Tuesday

BOSTON (CBS) -- Wet cold and nasty. Tuesday's storm made it uncomfortable for people who are out and about. "I hate driving in the snow. It's the worst," said Erin Murphy.

"Very cold, slippery," said Brittney Parsons.

For hours Tuesday, the snow fell all over the state.

"It's getting hard to shovel over the mounds at the end of the driveway," said John Maestranzi.

It didn't accumulate to a heck of a lot, but it was still enough to irritate some.

"You know three storms in a week two the tune of about thirty inches is ridiculous, but you know this is New England," said Janet Sakalys.

Others spent the morning getting errands done before the storm picked up so they could get home to enjoy hunkering down.

Westford Highway Department crews were out all day keeping those roads from icing up.

"The commutes always pose a challenge, with less people on the roads it's helped a lot, but you gotta be on your toes for the commutes," said Westford Highway Department Superintendent Chip Barrett.

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