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Classic board game 'Clue' comes to life on Stoneham stage

Board game ‘Clue’ comes to life on Stoneham stage
Board game ‘Clue’ comes to life on Stoneham stage 03:42

STONEHAM – What happens when you take a beloved 80s movie, based on a board game, and put it on stage?

As audiences at the Greater Boston Stage Company in Stoneham are discovering, it's a night filled with laughs.

"Clue: On Stage" is complete with the iconic characters from the game and the favorite lines from the film, but it also offers something new.

"It's not the movie, but it feels like the movie, it has the same energy of the movie," director Weylin Symes said. "The entire process kind of had an unofficial motto in the room. When we weren't sure what to do, we turn to each other say, 'Well, what's the dumber choice?'"

Creating the production was a challenge for the director, as well as the actors.

Miss Scarlet, portrayed by Jennifer Ellis said "In rehearsal, I was like, 'Wow, this is a beast. There's so many moving parts.'"

Sara Coombs, who plays Mrs. White, said her dance background helped her, because "It's just very choreographed and it has to be the same every night."

Movie fans won't be disappointed.

"I think the play is funnier. I think the play has more jokes. And there's something about doing jokes live and getting that reaction from the audience, it feeds you and it fuels you as an actor," Maureen Keiller, who plays Mrs. Peacock, told WBZ-TV.   

While the movie provided inspiration, Symes said theatergoers can expect something new.

"It has all of the jokes you know and the lines you love, but also some really fun new surprises in a story that you know really well. And that's just kind of the best kind of theater," he said.

You can see Clue: On Stage at the Greater Boston Stage in Stoneham through June 25.

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